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Benny Sibbitt

Here to help you loosen those ties, roll up your sleeves, and laugh till your cheeks hurt

I am known to have fun in the photo booth

Meet Your Photographer

Welcome to the Breaking Bad of photography, the Foot Loose of green screen Photos​
I am the Axl Rose of green screen photography, a true Rock Star from set-up to break down
Break free from the boring, mono-tone, unpleasant, rushing, unprofessional photographers
I am your Photographer TV Personality, your Will Ferrell of entertainment, your Justin Bieber of Social Media Buzz
No is always Yes, Could you is not an upcharge, as an owner, onsite photographer, pricing, flexibility and negotiation is always in hands reach

FYI of my coolness, like Oh my god; I have taken photos of Kim Kardashian, had a beer with Dennis Rodman and hung out with Tim Gunn at fashion week

2 words that describes me

gym rat, tech nerd, beach bum, social drinker, non-smoker, people person, travel bug, history junky, sport fan, movie buff, goofy fun

2 words that describes a prefect day

sandy beach, clear water, jimmy buffet, umbrella drinks, palm trees and a bar tender who knows me by name

More about me

Before Event Photography, before I quite my day job, before reality TV consumed our lives, I was a Manager at Staples (assistant store manager), responsible for hiring and training, sales and P&L overview, employees and all store activities

After the retail ball and chain was cut from my leg, I went to work for Sea World (manager of all the photo booths and ride photo stations). I was responsible for employees, training, equipment repair and replacement, supplies and all day to day park photo activities

This where I began my passion for photography. I have been shooting for over 12 years and have been in business for 10 years. 

Warning!!!!!!! Beware of some photo companies you request a bid from when bid shopping. I have seen way too often when a client has contacted me for a bid or quote, I see other photographers post the bid details on Craigslist and Photographer's Forums. So the website and samples you see online, person you emailed or talked to on the phone is not your onsite photographer.

Email me for pricing

I don't just love what I do, but I have fun doing it......