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Online Photo Retrieval through Bar Code Scanning

Online Photo Retrieval & Online Photo Hosting is FREE!!!!!

Bar Code Scanning is a way to link your guest’s photo with a unique number. We snap a photo and then scan a branded retrieval card that has a bar code on it and instructions where to go to download their photo. We Offers FREE Hosting and Customize Microsites. After the event your Guest types in the website located on the Retrieval Card on the web; From there they type in there Photo ID; That will then give them access to their Photo. From our FREE site or your Customize Microsite your Guest may Download the Photo, Email their Photo, and Send their Photo to Social Sites like Facebook for free. All Guest’s photos are protected by that unique number

Custom Microsites

We can create a Microsite and give it the look and feel of your existing site or start from scratch. With microsites you get to choose your domain name and tell us how you want it to look. With microsites options are endless. You can have the guest fill out a survey or collect some important marketing information before they could view photo. We could drive them to your client’s Facebook page first.

Surveys and Collect Data