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Celebrity Meet and Greet

Digital Photo is great for meet and greets. People love photos with celebrities. Our onsite photo is great way your guest can take their meet and greet memories home. Green Screen is also a great option at meet and greets. If your celebrity is to busy to take the photos we could use Green Screen Technology and put your guest with the celebrity without the celebrity present.

Bar Code Scanning Other Options linked with Digital Photography

Data Retrieval (Email, Address, Phone Number, Name)

Drive Website Traffic

Social Network Pages (Tagging Guest in Photo / Facebook)

Gift Cards and Store Reward Cards (Scan Cards to promote or drive more Members

Bar Code Scanning for Meetings and Incentive Programs

Bar Code Scanning works great for Incentive Programs. At the beginning of the Program all Guest will be issued a Bracelet or name tag with a number and a bar code. Over the course of the program the photographer will walk around snapping photos. After every shot the photographer or helper would either scan or type the Guest’s ID number that’s located on the guest’s bracelet. The Barcode scanner is wireless and does not have to be in the hand of the photographer. At the end of the program the guest may then go to the site; type in their ID Number and see all shots of them that were taking over the course of the program. From our site your Guest may Download the Photo, Send their Photo to their Cell Phone, and Send their Photo to Social Sites like Facebook for free

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