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Red Carpet

Hollywood Style Red Carpet Event Photographer Photo Booth

Let's rethink how we shoot the red carpet at events....

  • Guest's enters the red carpet and stand in front of the step and repeat wall; pose, smile, snap and keep walking!

  • Guest's walk past the monitor wall (step and repeat setup) of a live slideshow of images displayed that were just taken
  • Guest's walks further to one of our IPAD sharing station to view their photo, share, post, print or email their photo instantly, immediately or anytime throughout the event

Event Photography with instant print photos & social media portal

We snap the photos at red carpet events and it's wirelessly transmitted to our social media station kiosk so your guest can view their photo right away and choose to print, Facebook, twitter, MSM text message their photo instantly live at your event. We also have a live stream slide show playing of the images as we snap!

Event Photographer of the future!

We Shoot Real Red Carpet Events

Order your Step and Repeat background with stand and red carpet from us!

Red Carpet Photo Activation, Social Media Station Kiosk, Event Photography, Social Media Portal

Paparazzi Event Photographer

Hollywood Stlye Photographer

Red Carpet Event Photographer

Red Carpet Photo Booth

Step and Repeat Photographer

Live SlideShow

Wall Monitor Photo Slide Show