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Social Media Sharing Photo Booth

Instant Social Media Sharing Made Easy

Social Media Kiosk is an easy way for your guest to view their photo as soon as it is taken and then Share it on FaceBook, Twitter, Email or Text Message their Photo while still at your event


  • Share Photos to Facebook

  • Share Photos to Twitter

  • Email Photos Instantly

  • Text Message Photos Instantly

How does it work?

1st We snap a photo and the photo then instantly appears on our laptop

2nd the laptop will automatically send that image to one of our iPads

3rd the guest goes to the iPad and views their photo

4th guest selects Facebook, Twitter, Email or Text Message their photo

USAA Event - 2 Green Screen Stations and 10 IPAD Sharing Stations

Hashtag Photo Booth

Hashtag Print Station

Hashtag Live Feed LCD View

Hashtag Print Station
Let your guest snap their own instagram photos and just apply your event special hastag to the photo and our system will auto print it wirelessly. We could even add an event border to the image

We are the elite event planners for the new world order of Social Media. We have solutions to take and integrate your Social Network ideas from thoughts and scribbles to reality and effective results. We don’t just drive the end user to a Facebook or twitter page but we get the end user involved. We use solutions like Instant Digital Photo upload Onsite Touch Screens and IPads

With Roaming Photography, Green Screen, Photo Booth or Event Photography add an IPAD Kiosk to your event. With an IPAD Kiosk all photos are instant and wirelessly transfers to an IPAD so your guest may view their photo, Print their photo, Facebook Their Photo or Email their photo onsite in real time at your event.

Got Facebook Fan Page?     Get more Facebook Likes

Red Carpet Events – We have technology to snap and upload photos instantly to a social network site. (Vote best dressed, best Couple, tweet comments, most tweet giveaways, like it, it goes on)

Let's rethink how we shoot the red carpet at events....

1st thing lets clear the air, everything will be shot wirelessly 

  1. Guest's enters the red carpet and stand in front of the step and repeat wall; pose, smile, snap and keep walking!

  2. Guest's walk past the monitor wall (step and repeat setup) of a live slideshow of images displayed that were just taken
  3. Guest's walks further to one of our IPAD sharing station to view their photo, share, post, print or email their photo instantly, immediately or anytime throughout the event

Instagram Hashtag Print Station for Events

Your guest snaps the photo with their phone and we print the photos and add your logo to their photo.

Branded Photo Overlay

Social Media Upload

Live Upload

Facebook, Twitter or Email Photos

Branded IPAD Screen

Linkedin Profile Head Shot Photo Booth for Events